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DaVinci Resolve is a powerful editing and color correction application. It’s designed to be the most advanced video editing program in the world. Provides an easy to use interface for both editors and colorists. It’s well suited for both professional and novice users. Is a color correction system designed to work on both Mac and Windows-based systems. It’s an application DaVinci Resolve install that can be used to color correct and edit videos with a number of different features. Is designed to provide the best professional editing DaVinci Resolve laptop experience to user, while offering high-end performance and unlimited power.


Interface of DaVinci Resolve Windows is well designed and easy to navigate for both editors and colorists. Interface is well suited for beginners because it’s intuitive and has many features to make editing and color correction quick and easy. Interface of the install DaVinci Resolve application is designed in such a way that it’s ergonomic and user-friendly. It features a timeline at bottom of the screen, which is used to view and edit clips. 

Other tools and buttons can also be found in interface, which allow the user to do a variety of things, such as cut and paste clips and add effects. The user interface of DaVinci Resolve Mac is the most important part of the application. It’s designed to be simple and easy to use. There are three main sections: Projects Library, Edit Window and Inspector. The Projects Library displays the video & audio clips that the user has imported into the project and allows users to drag and drop clips into the Edit Window. 

The Edit Window displays the clips & the changes that the user makes to the clips their properties. Inspector displays the properties of the audio or video clips, such as the audio or video track, the audio or video track volume, the clip duration and clip’s color information.

Interface of the application DaVinci Resolve download free is very simple and easy to use. It’s divided into three main panels: color correction, editing, project management. The color correction panel is the central one contains a main image preview in the center. The editing panel, on the other hand, is located on the left part of the screen, contains an image preview in center, with timeline in the lower right corner, a series of tabs in the upper right corner.


DaVinci Resolve is very easy to use and perfect for both editors and colorists. The application is quick & easy to navigate. It’s also easy to do video editing in free DaVinci Resolve because the application is designed in a way that makes it easy to do various editing techniques in one application. It's developed for professional use and meets the expectations of the user.


It can edit and color correction a variety of formats and types of video. It’s a great application for both new and experienced users. The application DaVinci Resolve download for Windows is designed with a number of different features, such as color correction and editing. This can be used to edit and color correct videos, it features a number of other tools to help the user. Offers a lot of different features and tools which can be used to edit video clips.


Has a very helpful and knowledgeable support team. They are happy to assist with any questions or problems. There is a number of different ways that users can get help with the download DaVinci Resolve application. The application comes with a help menu & it has a user manual a knowledge base. It also has a number of resources for tutorials and forums. Provides a lot of support for the user. They publish a lot of tutorials have a forum for users.


How do I register DaVinci Resolve?

You can register in one of three ways:

  • You are prompted to enter your serial number when you install or upgrade Resolve.
  • You can enter your serial number when you open Resolve for the first time.
  • You can enter your serial number in the "User Preferences" window.

How do I register DaVinci Resolve Lite?

The Lite version is intended for evaluation purposes only.

How can I get a free copy of software Lite?

Lite is currently available as a public beta.

What is the difference between DaVinci Resolve Lite and DaVinci Resolve Studio?

Lite is a free version of DaVinci Resolve free download that is available as a public beta. It’s a professional video editing and color correction application, designed for high-end video post production.


Is a powerful video editing and post-production software that offers a lot of features and tools to edit & color grade video clips. Is a professional level, full-featured and non-linear editing and color grading application.

DaVinci Resolve App for Windows Computer